Arlaine Rockey

Experienced Trial Lawyer


Practicing civil & criminal law in state & federal courts since 1989

Handles Criminal Defense & Complex Child Custody Cases & Appeals Statewide in NC & FL

Handles Complex Child Custody Cases & Appeals Nationally (with local co-counsel, pro hac vice) since 2003

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Legal experience with the following issues:

Child Physical & Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence

Mental Illness

Substance Abuse

Parental Alienation

LGBT Custody and Adoption


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Read Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse

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Read Win Child Custody:

How to Help Your Lawyer Help You

Part 1:  How to Prepare for your

Child Custody Consultation

Part II:  How to Gather Evidence for

Your Custody Case 

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Ms. Rockey's Resume

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If you want Ms. Rockey to consider taking your case, send her an email at [email protected] with a summary of your case, the state and county where it is located, and your contact information

or contact her Law Office at


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CONTACT:  [email protected] 

Read more about Ms. Rockey's in-depth consultations. 

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Flat fees and payment plans available for some cases.

All credit cards accepted.


Paypal accepted.

Paypal ID is [email protected]

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